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SSE Software & Consulting Services was founded in 1993.

After spending several years managing new plant designs and installations (mostly overseas) SSE Management and team came home and decided to start an intense search for the proper design tools, to look for a software with which to correctly design & estimate sanitary/hygienic piping/fittings/valves for the food, dairy, beverage and Pharmaceutical plant projects.

After spending several months looking and evaluating almost every CAD software package on the market worldwide, he found that there was no CAD package that could provide the proper in-the-box tools to draw sanitary/hygienic fittings, valves and pumps in 2D, 3D or 3D solids image's with all the correct dimensions and ends, In other words we had no tools.

After another year of searching, and much negotiating, he struck a deal with one of the best Plant Design software company’s in the world to help develop the sanitary tools needed for our plants.

Today "WE HAVE THE TOOLS", below you will see some examples of what can be accomplished with these tools, straight out of the box.

The whole point of this write-up is to get across to you the dedication SSE has shown to the sanitary/hygienic industries, we will be here to assist you with your needs:

if its DESIGN help you need, WE CAN HELP

if its ESTIMATING help you need, WE CAN HELP

if it is ENGINEERING help you need, WE CAN HELP

if its PROJECT management help you need, WE CAN HELP

LET US BE A RESOURCE TO YOU (why re-invent the wheel, its easier and cheaper for you to let us help)!!!

Give us a call at 502-645-9067 or email us at wayne@ssesoftware.net.

                                SSE Estimator                                 

SSE Will build you an Estimating Program that will include:

1. Sanitary fittings, pumps and equipment for pricing and labor-to-install figures and hours.

2. Document management that will attach all documents.


CADWorx Plant professional sanitary drawings (out of the box)

Some of the manufacturers tube fittings, valve and pump libraries we maintain are listed below, if you have need of a supplier we have not listed, just ask, it is probable that we have them in our archives. We also archive PVC, CPVC, fiberglass, mini fittings and many others. If you have a need for another that we do not archive, we will develop it for you.

Alfa Laval, SPX, VNE, Tri-Clover, Top Line, and several others

                   DONT BE LEFT BEHIND, WE CAN HELP with:

o Sanitary Plant Design Software & Training

o Sanitary Estimating software for fittings and labor to install costs

o Document Management software for project, design and engineering

o Project support (by contract)

o Sanitary Design support

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