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Lets try to make this the year we all profit, either from technology or from knowing that we have contributed in some small way to improving the way we perform our tasks.

We at SSE STANDARDS would like to thank you for the help you have given since 2002 and would like to encourage all you to continue to share your knowledge with us. 

By sharing your knowledge and expertise with SSE STANDARDS we will promise you it will be used for the betterment of the entire Sanitary/Hygienic industry/ies.

We are making every effort to fill the voids that have been overlooked by the other Sanitary/Hygienic Standards organizations.

Our want is to address the everyday needs of the folks that have to be out there to design and install the plants that feed and take care of our personal and medical needs.

We are bound and determined to help provide a place you can get information on: HOW to Improve your project work, or WHO can help improve your projects.

Please remember ALL of us volunteer our time and knowledge and the Survival of this site depends on YOU.


PLEASE get involved.


Thank You

Wayne Neel